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Our consultants will leverage their 50+ years of combined experience to create a plan customized for your business.

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Our philosophy is simple: We believe in setting clearly defined goals, implementing processes designed to achieve those goals, and using metrics to measure the progress toward those goals.  This concept applies equally to individuals, departments, and entire organizations.

Our Mission is to Protect your Business, Grow It, & Much More

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Chris Gallo Co-Owner of EDGE Business Solutions

Chris Gallo

Consultant / Co-Founder

Christopher Gallo

Consultant / Co-Founder

Kirby Hamby Business Consultant for EDGE Business Solutions

Kirby Hamby

Consultant / Co-Founder

Kirby Hamby

Consultant / Co-Founder

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Delivery Company

Problem: Delivery company was struggling due to cash flow management and high expenses.

This was a Family owned business with non-qualified family members working in key positions, thus holding the company back from success.

Train key personnel in administrative functions including cash flow management and work-flow tracking. Train management to analyze relevant information and make fact-based decisions. Introduce tracking system to eliminate redundancies. Identify unnecessary equipment and tasks.

Increased collections, reduced overhead, and greater efficiency yielded significant cash flow improvement.

Plumbing Contractor

Problem: Plumbing contractor was losing money with lack of tracking in inventory, employee production, and service delivery. Complaints were up and service levels down.

Owner had become frustrated and lost control of the business. Employees were working in an undisciplined environment without leadership. Low morale at all levels was holding the business back from success.

Temporarily assume responsibility for all day-to-day operations.  Provide all staff with training in problem solving, interpersonal skills, and conflict resolution.  Reorganize staff based on skills and strengths.  Hire new staff to fill gaps in knowledge and experience.

Service levels increased almost immediately. Service vehicles arrived on time and with the right equipment. Collections went up as employees were now motivated. Key staff was trained to better support their people, and long-absent morale returned.

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Salvage Company

Problem: Salvage Company was losing money on a regular and unsustainable basis.

Owner had quickly built a $30 million salvage business. Lack of controls and formal processes led to bloated costs, duplication of effort, and lack of accountability.

Introduce standard procedures for each department.  Reorganize processes with properly trained personnel.  Provide managers with the tools needed to be successful.

Employee and workplace productivity increased. Within 60 days both profit and cash flow saw marked increases.

Roofing Contractor

Problem: Roofing Company had a significant cash flow problem. Company could not buy materials and were slow in making payroll.

Majority of the business was insurance claims. Owner had his two sons running the company. They took on customers with no regard to cash flow impact or ability to bring them to completion. A lack of accountability led to large uncollected A/R balance. The company quickly incurred significant debt and had both customers and vendors threatening to file suit.

Focus on quickly closable projects to increase cash flow. Reorganize business into separate divisions with the sons given clearly defined roles they are qualified to handle. Bring in a project manger to determine which big jobs can be completed and to negotiate resolutions to those that need to be shut down. Designate a single individual to be responsible for collecting all outstanding receivables.

Within 90 days the company had money in the bank, expenses were being covered, and all projects were moving toward completion.

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What They’re Saying


When I first met Kirby, he was the sales manager for one of our key vendors. I was so impressed with his abilities I hired him as the Director of Operations for my company.  I found him to be well versed in all aspects of business combined with an inherent high level of professionalism.  His dedication and leadership skills will provide significant value to any organization.

John Schamahorn

President, Strongbuilt Plumbing, Air and Solar

Would you like to identify and eliminate your barriers to success?

We will work with you side-by-side to develop the processes, training, and tools, and help your business grow.  We treat your business as if it were our own. We also provide continuing support to ensure maximum benefit from the work we do together.    

We bring a combined 50 years of business experience to bear in helping you to identify and eliminate your barriers to success.  We will help you implement the management tools you need to give you meaningful data so you can make the right decisions.

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